It’s bound to come up. At some point you’re likely going to find that you use both Firefox and Chrome browsers. This has certainly happened to me as I need to see how different Web sites look in different browsers. So logically, having all of my bookmarks available in my browser(s) is a must. Now to make this happen seamlessly, it’s important to find a uniform method to sync browser bookmarks and favorites.

I’ve found that only one option has worked well regardless of the browser, updates to said browser, or other factors. That option is Xmarks. I’ve been using Xmarks for quite some time and I have to say, it’s never failed me once. At no time do I feel like I’m scrambling to get my bookmarks backed up or worrying about them being lost any longer. So long as you aren’t doing anything nefarious with your bookmarks, I think that you’ll agree that Xmarks is pretty awesome.

Features for free version

The free version of Xmarks provides the following functionality:

How To Sync Firefox With Chrome

Bookmark syncing. This means you’re automatically syncing your bookmarks from one browser to another, even across different computers and platforms. Xmarks doesn’t care if you use Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.

Access your bookmarks online. Definitely one of the things I like about using Xmarks is the ability to access everything independent of my browser. This means, on a public computer, you don’t need to sync your browser bookmarks to access those bookmarks. It also means you can find a bookmarked page from your phone browser.

Sharing bookmarks. While you could certainly use one of the social bookmarking sites to do the same thing, it’s nice not to have to rely on them just to share a bookmark or two with some friends. Xmarks makes casual bookmark sharing very simple.

Premium features

Outside of extra support and open tabbed sync, the biggest benefit I see to the premium version of Xmarks is the ability to sync up with browsers on mobile devices. You can sign into your account from a mobile browser, but sync to mobile devices, at least for some people, translates into a win for the money spent on the premium version of Xmarks.