Having a Facebook Page for your business or brand is critical to any marketing strategy. While having as many “Likes” as possible is not a clear indicator of your marketing success, the more fans you have can help indicate how well you have driven up consumer awareness of your service of product. Here are a few ways you can get more Facebook Page Likes:

Link to content
A great way to engage fans of your Facebook page is by including links to content that resides off of Facebook, like blog posts, Flickr images or activity on other social networks, such as Empire Avenue. Your readers can talk about your activity on Facebook within the comments, but you can use your Facebook Page as a hub to provide added insight and provide additional social activity will keep your fans coming back for more

Ask a question
Everyone loves to offer their opinion or provide suggestions that can directly impact your business. A question can be serious or hilarious, on topic or off. Just keep the question short and simple so it is easy to answer. The idea here is to engage your fans and create a discussion that will keep your fans returning to your Facebook page to continue participating and commenting – and perhaps read more about your services or brand.

Go Behind the Scenes
Use Facebook to provide an inside-look at your business. Take your fans on a step-by-step process on how your amazing mini-donuts are made, or offer before-and-after shots if you’re a style consultant. Utilizing Facebook’s photos, stories, status updates and tagging features, you can offer your fans a more personal look at your company which will help them feel like they can truly relate to you – a key in obtaining fans at any level.

Use Photos
Using photos on your Facebook page is also a great way to connect with your fans and help showcase your business. Social Media Examiner offers a few tips for Facebook Pages who want to use photos to help gain more fans, and a few of these include to remember that your Facebook Page is for business, not personal – so remember that they should speak about your brand, not yourself. Additionally, Social Media Examiner advises to post pictures that are “shareable”; ie, professional. Again, they should speak about your brand or organization. It’s also a good idea to post photos often to keep your fans and customers up-to-date about what you’re up to. If you hold events often and photograph each event, this is a great way for your fans to directly and continuously engage with your page by tagging themselves in the photos!

Hold a contest
Holding a contest on Facebook is another great way to increase engagement on your Facebook page, and can also increase the number of Facebook users who Like your Facebook page. There are a handful of rules that govern Facebook promotions, so you need to be a little careful if you decide to use this method to attract more fans on your Facebook page. We’ve broken down the basics of these rules for you, but once you understand how to run a Facebook promotion they are a great way to increase your drive to gain more likes on your Facebook Page.

Do you have any tips and tricks for getting more “Likes” on your Facebook Page? What works – and what doesn’t?