Many tools are emerging to help social media managers analyze metrics such as blog and Facebook mentions. A new (and free!) social media analytics tool is Vrank, which provides a range of metrics about brand visibility, including Facebook and Twitter mentions, as well as mentions in the news and other social media.

To see your visibility statistics, justĀ enter your Web site or blog URL at, and Vrank will automatically determine them for your Web site, your blog, your Facebook and your Twitter accounts. Vrank will then calculate an online visibility score based on several factors, including how many times your brand has been mentioned in the news recently, total Google results for your brand, and how many times your domain has been indexed in Google.

measure your online visibility with vrankVrank will calculate and return actual numbers about how many times your brand was mentioned in the news and Google results recently. Vrank also offers advice about how to improve your numbers or keep them steady. For example, if you don’t have very many news mentions, Vrank advises that you should “consider pitching journalists and bloggers more often, with more and more newsworthy content — and keep a close eye on the results!” That kind of advice seems pretty obvious.

Additionally, Vrank details how many indexed pages your Web site has and how many total Google results are returned — and explains what these numbers mean. Online backlinks to your Web site, the site’s Alexa rank, and pagerank are also listed, as well as explained with advice regarding how to improve, if applicable, too.

Of course, no social media analytics tool is complete without metrics about social media viability. Vrank offers details about Facebook, Twitter, and blog mentions, as well as a total number of Twitter followers, Facebook fans, and your blog audience, which is determined by subscribers to your blog’s RSS feeds. Vrank offers feedback on how increase these numbers as well, such as suggesting that you can increase Facebook fans by “promoting your Fan page on your Web site, blog, in newsletters, and in email signatures.” Again Vrank masters the obvious.

Vrank is a must-have tool to add to any social media manager who uses free or low cost analytics tools to create a comprehensive dashboard to manage clients — or their own campaigns. The numbers are accurate and the advice, though basic, is a good launching point as long as more depth is on the horizon. Try out Vrank for yourself, and let us know what you think.