Any male who has ever been shopping with a female for clothes knows how long it can take. It seems that women need to try on the clothes before buying, because of the irregularities that exist in sizes. Men usually do not face this problem since, for the most part, sizing is not an issue — especially when we are shopping for a t-shirt or a pair of jeans. In fact it has literally been years, maybe even a decade or more, since I tried something on in a fitting room.

When I read about an experiment that took place in Russia using a Microsoft Kinect device and special software to simulate a fitting room, I wondered if this could be the future of apparel shopping? It seems that as a lady stepped into the Kinect device, their image was projected as well as a new outfit. There was no need to remove any clothing to try on a new outfit.

Would retail businesses find this an alternative to the traditional fitting room? I believe that this could be the future coming right to a local retailer near you. The first thing I can think of is that eliminating fitting rooms would reclaim the lost footage that can be used for additional display of retail items. Also, it is a known fact that some people walk into a fitting room with three items, but exit with two items, and either wear the stolen garment on their person or place it into a shopping bag they carry.

The most likely reason for eliminating fitting rooms is that you need no additional employees to monitor those entering or exiting the fitting rooms. In addition, clerks don’t need to rehang the garments that customers have tried on. My personal reason for eliminating fitting rooms is that I don’t want to buy clothing someone already put on their body and is being sold as new. New? Excuse me, but that doesn’t fit my definition as being new.

Just my two cents, but I believe that virtual fitting rooms will one day be a reality for the reasons I have given.

What do you think?