I have used Soluto on my personal computer system for about nine months. The original version only dealt with applications that started in boot, which the user could delay or pause. Soluto analyzed your boot process and then provided a listing of applications that could be delayed or paused to speed up the boot process. The software was so innovative that TechCrunch gave the software founder its annual Disrupt award.

I was honored when I received an invitation to try two new additions that Soluto was adding to their already fine product. The features are PC crashes and how to fix them, plus browser applications that also could be delayed or paused. During the testing process we were asked not to write about the new features until they became public. Yesterday Soluto made the download available to all Soluto users in beta form, which includes the added features.

Notice I said in beta. The software is still in its testing phase and is dependent on users like you and me to test the software. In order for Soluto to be more effective, each phase requires input of data from your system to the Soluto servers in order to analyze and recommend solutions for all users. If you feel uncomfortable with this procedure, this software may not be for you. In my professional opinion you have nothing to be concerned about and I trust the folks at Soluto to only collect information that will improve their software.

The first new feature Soluto added helps to identify applications and toolbars that may be slowing down your browser. In addition, Soluto can identify those toolbars that can hijack your browser and prevent you from selecting your preferred search engine of choice. Soluto also finds add-ons that might be sucking the life out of your browser.

The second new feature is my favorite. It monitors system crashes and attempts to provide a solution for you. The crash report also makes suggestions as to what is causing the crash. If a solution is currently not available, and if a solution is found at a later date, you will be notified.

Take Soluto for a test drive and see what you think.