Today's FavoriteWhat good is a literature study guide? Well, it can help answer all of the big questions, such as: Is Holden Caulfield a big, fat whiner? What does Big Brother want with Winston Smith? Will the Countess Olenska reconcile with her husband? Will Hamlet and Ophelia live happily ever after? What’s been bugging Gregor Samsa? Does Harry Potter count as literature? “The horror! The horror!” is uttered by a dying maniac in a damp, sweltering jungle, but what can this possibly mean?

While the life of a student can be very trying, a literature study guide can be a lifesaver.  If you’re not dealing with all of the tests that pop up, you’re probably putting up with the cafeteria “meat” that you swear has it out for you. I’m sure that most students would admit that they would appreciate a little help when it comes time to prepare for exams. A service from Barnes & Noble called SparkNotes will get you edumacated with its literature study guides in no time.

If you need to understand the basics of a subject or a work of literature, study guides on the site will come in handy. They sum up the main concepts that you need to understand before placing that pencil in your hand. You can also download and print a selection of them, which allows you to pull your eyes away from the monitor and do some old fashioned reading. Classic books that you may need to read are available online, and a collection of reference tools along with the literature study guides that are the site’s focus can also be found here. You can benefit from the thoughts of others on the content by talking with them in the specific message board for the topic. As if this was not enough, SparkNotes also features test preparation resources. If you’re a frequent flyer of CliffsNotes, then you’ll love SparkNotes.