We recently told you how Twitter can help you get a date, and late last year found apps that use Facebook to match your friends. But can Foursquare help you find a date, too? SingleSquare is an app that uses the Foursquare API to tap into your local single scene to help you find out who wants to meet you.

SingleSquare uses Foursquare’s API to function just like Foursquare — you find your venue and check-in, just like Foursquare. SingleSquare shows you who is Mayor and who is also checked in. The only difference is the matchmaking layer baked in. If you’re single and ready to mingle, use SingleSquare to post a “single sighting” announcing you want to meet someone at the location. Other SingleSquare users can pull up a list of the “Single Sightings” nearby or view a particular venue’s “Single Sightings” to see how many single people are currently at that location. If you see a single user you want to flirt with you, send “Smiles” to other singles, or send messages to specific people (as long as their privacy settings permit) to interact with those nearby singles in real time. SingleSquare also features “Icebreaker Lines” that users can use in case they can’t think of a good way to otherwise say “hello.”

singlesquare is a dating app using foursquare apiSingleSquare as an app is good in theory, but the problem is that no one is using it, so it doesn’t actually work. I tested SingleSquare at a recent baseball game in Seattle at Safeco Field, which is usually well-populated with singles anyways (just check out the beer garden — I mean, “the ‘Pen” — if you don’t believe me). I waited a few innings, and then checked SingleSquare. Much to my dismay, no one had reported a single sighting. In fact, there were no single sightings at any major venues, clubs, or restaurants within miles of the game. So how the heck is a single girl using Foursquare supposed to find a date?

Unfortunately, Foursquare-related apps are probably not the best way to find a date. There are other actual dating services with apps — some even free — that might be better for those who need to get their fix on-the-go.

And, of course, there is always Twitter.