This morning I read with interest an article about the next version of Windows in which the writer cited 10 new features. There were just a few problems with the article that reminded of years of experience in beta testing every version of Windows since Windows 95.

Problem #1. What is being cited as Windows 8 is actually a leaked version of a pre-beta version. It is rare that all of the features will make the final release.

Problem #2. The author alleges that the first beta will be released in September of this year. I wish I had the same crystal ball that he is using to predict when a beta will hit the street. Usually there is a invitation beta release followed by a public beta.

Problem #3. Steve” Ballmer was quoted as stating that Windows 8 would be released in 2012. The author assumes that this is carved in stone. Remember Windows Vista? It was going to be released before the Christmas season of 2006, but didn’t have a worldwide release until January 30, 2007.

I am as anxious as anyone to get my pinkies on the next version of Windows. But I am also realistic in my expectations on when the beta will become available. I am sure some of the 10 new features being cited in the article may not actually make the final release. However, I also know that Microsoft is working hard on Windows 8 and will incorporate enough new features to excite the masses.

I also believe Windows 8 will come in two distinct versions. One will be the traditional version for laptops and desktop computers. The second version will be designed for the tablet market and designed to be touch screen enabled.

Comments welcome.

Cited article: IT World Beta