Picture this scenario: Someone walks off with your prized MacBook Pro while you are distracted or away from home. You report the theft to the police, who take a report. Hopefully you have insurance to cover your computer loss. Theft of laptop computers at airports number over 600,000 a year. The odds of you getting back your precious computer and the data on it are slim to none. Until now.

MacBook Pro users have a new software called ‘Hidden’ that can help you recover your laptop using identification which includes the following:

1. Hidden software can take pictures of the thief and their surroundings to make locating them easier.

2. Hidden software can take screen shots of what the thief is doing on your system.

3. Hidden software, once activated by the owner, will locate where your laptop is within a few yards of the location where the computer is being used.

What makes the Hidden software even more sneaky is that the thief won’t even know they are being tracked down. The information Hidden records is sent to you for viewing remotely. The police can isolate the location where your laptop is located and catch the crooks right where they are hiding.

Pricing for Hidden is as follows:

1 computer is $15 a year
5 computers is $45 a year
20 computers for $125 a year
100 computers for $395 a year.

On its Web site’s FAQ section, the techies at Hidden software state that installing and uninstalling the software is easy. They also state that thieves cannot uninstall the Hidden software without the administrative password. In addition, the folks at Hidden software state that they will assist you and the police in locating your laptop computer from anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately, the Hidden software works only on Mac computers, like MacBook and MacBook Pro hardware. There is no version for Windows nor for Linux laptop computers. Download Hidden for your Mac.

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