Facebook introduced a facial recognition feature for North American Facebook users last year, allowing your friends to tag you in photos if Facebook’s algorithm recognized you based on previously tagged photos. Today, Facebook apparently released this feature, much to the frustration of European governments and cultures who place a much higher value on privacy than U.S. users apparently do. Users outside of North America are now seeing the ability to control privacy settings for facial recognition, whereas this was “not available” previously. This feature saves time in tagging bulk uploads of photos, as Facebook suggests photos to your friends that Facebook think looks like you. However, there’s something creepy about technology embedded into Facebook that can recognize its users by Facebook recognition.

In case you’re as creeped out as I am, you may want to know how to turn off Facebook facial recognition. This will prevent your friends from being automatically prompted to tag you in photos, which comes in handy for photos you may not want to be tagged in. Facial recognition is a feature that is turned on by default. To turn off Facebook facial recognition, select Privacy Settings from the drop down menu under account at the top of your profile and then click on Customize Settings. From there, scroll down to theĀ Suggest Photos of Me to Friends setting and select Edit Settings. Then, in the drop-down on the right, choose Disable. This will turn off Facebook racial recognition and your friends will now have to manually tag you instead of Facebook automatically suggesting you to tag.

Do you like Facebook’s racial recognition Feature? Will you use it to help your friends tag photos of you on Facebook — or will you disable it to help protect your privacy? Let us know what you think of this Facebook feature in the comments.