Facebook makes it easy to search for, find, and add new friends on Facebook. You can usually request to add a new friend on Facebook by visiting your future Facebook friend’s profile and then clicking the “Add as Friend” button at the top of the other person’s profile. Some users might not have this button, however, due to their privacy settings. In this case, you could send your friend a message and ask them to send you a Facebook Friend Request. Your potential future Facebook friend will be notified of your request to become Facebook friends via email notification, and by notification on Facebook. The other person then┬ásimply needs to “Confirm” your friend request on Facebook.

Cancel a friend request on FacebookIf you have requested to add a friend on Facebook but soon after regret it and decide that you don’t actually want to be friends with this person on Facebook, you can easily cancel your friend request before they confirm the new Facebook friendship. To cancel a friend request on Facebook, visit the person’s profile again and click the “Cancel Friend Request” link underneath their profile photo. After you click this, the link will say “Friend Request Canceled” in grey letters. If the other person has been ignoring your friend request, you can then click the “Add as Friend” button again to trigger a new friend request to remind them that you want to be friends on Facebook.

Your potential new Facebook friend will not be notified when you cancel a the friend request, but if they are ignoring it, they will no longer be able to approve the friend request. In this situation, the other person will have to visit your profile and click the “Add as Friend” on your page to make a new friend request, or ask you to make the friend request on Facebook again.