Overnight, Facebook has turned on a feature that may become a hassle with tag-happy friends. As we know, Facebook has been testing out a facial recognition feature that makes it easy to tag friends in pictures. Facebook has gone off and decided that it will make this a default setting.

This means that whenever you’re offered the chance to tag groups of friends in an album, Facebook will use its nifty facial recognition process to group similar faces together and automatically suggest tags to identify them.

This option has been rolling out worldwide slowly over the last few months. This tagging process can get very aggravating when massive amounts of friends tag your face in multiple albums and pile up the notifications of you being tagged in photos.

If you wish to turn off this feature for when your friends go to tag happy, especially with that one picture that you wish was never taken of you, here’s how to disable it:

Navigate to your privacy settings. Scroll down and click “Customize settings.” Scroll down and look under “Things others share.” Locate “Suggest photos of me to friends.” Click “Edit Settings” next to the selection. Edit the setting as you see fit and click “Okay” and you’re done.

This is an easy fix and should be used by the more privacy-focused users. It’s weird that Facebook would turn on a setting like this by default, but then again this isn’t the first time that the social networking service has turned on a feature without user consent.