There should be an image here!Do you love food? No, I mean, do you really love food? Put down that Bacon Double Whopper with chicken skin and extra mayo and consider your options for a second! There are those of us who eat to live and those of us who live to eat. In my opinion, the second option is the way to go. Good food and good drinks (including wine) make life more enjoyable, and you really notice the difference when you’ve been subjected to inferior items — and life’s too short to settle for the worst when you can have the best (and the best isn’t always as expensive as you might think). There’s so much to learn about food, drinks, dining, and cooking that it can feel overwhelming to try to take it all in. Tasting Table has simplified the process by giving you a daily taste of what’s new and hot in the world of food culture.

With everything from fine dining to cooking to gastrocentric culture to weekend food travel getaways, Tasting Table serves up an appetizing assortment of tips, reviews, recipes, and more to the culinarily curious. Subscribers receive these daily tidbits via email on each weekday, though Tasting Table can also be followed on Twitter @TastingTable or liked on Facebook. People who live in select cities including New York and San Francisco can subscribe to a local edition of the email that points them to local destinations and items, but a national version exists for people who live in other cities in the United States. This is just enough information to guide you down the path to becoming an educated foodie.

So enough with the fast food, already! There’s a whole wide world of tastebud-inspiring fare out there just waiting to be savored. And if you’re the counting calories kind, shouldn’t you make every calorie count?