WeatherBug is seeking Android users who are interested in testing out the latest, most cutting edge version of the WeatherBug software for the Android platform. Remember though, this article is talking about a testing release and it’s not available from the Android Marketplace. The main thing WeatherBug is interested in testing is app stability, performance and other related issues. If everything is working great, then fantastic! If on the other hand, there are some challenges experienced during your tests with this pre-release, then please share them with me at MHartley(at) so I can make sure the WeatherBug development team is aware of anything new discovered on your end.

Why would you want to help out?

For those of you that use Android phones, this is an opportunity to make sure that the next release of WeatherBug is the very best release possible. Not only that, it also provides you with a means of sharing any input on future releases of the WeatherBug for Android software. Best of all, you’ll be able to try out a pre-release version of WeatherBug for Android before anyone else? And who here at Lockergnome doesn’t enjoy being on the very cutting edge?

Attention Android Users - WeatherBug App Beta Testers Needed

Where you do you actually grab the testing release of the app from?

You’ll find the testing release of WeatherBug for Android in as an .apk file available from (LINK HAS BEEN FIXEDthis Dropbox link. This link is an officially maintained link from WeatherBug. For those of you interested in sharing this WeatherBug testing version via Twitter, please use this link as it will allow WeatherBug to better track how many folks are helping them with the testing of this pre-release software. Both links are to the .apk package and will immediately begin downloading if you click onto them with your browser.

With the software downloaded, use this tutorial to get the application onto your Android phone. Once installed, please use the application like you normally would. But make note of anything that might need to be brought to the attention of WeatherBug specifically; such as stability, speed, etc. Anything that isn’t working right, WeatherBug is interested in being alerted to it via me (email above).

Remember, if you love using WeatherBug on the Android phone, this is your opportunity to be part of the development process. You, will help decide if there are any issues that need to be addressed with this testing release. So let’s all get to it!