Late last year, Facebook overhauled personal profile pages, implementing several new features. Facebook switched around several modules, and now prominently features your basic information at the top and center of your profile. Beneath this information — which includes where you work, where you went to college, where you live, your hometown, and your birthday — is a row of the five most recently tagged photos of yourself on Facebook. This row of photos can be seen by anyone who can view your profile by default.

This row of photos can be fun for some people with either enough time to filter out photos in which they have been tagged that they don’t want to filter, or for people with enough creativity to create a “banner.” These types of banners can be created using an app like the Profile Maker, and have a stunning effect on your profile.

Hide the row of photos at the top of Facebook profileIf you’d rather get rid of these five photos and hide the row of photos at the top of your Facebook profile entirely, that is equally as possible. Removing this row will require you to change your profile settings so that no one can see any photos in which you are tagged on your profile. To change this setting and hide the row of photos at the top of your Facebook profile, make sure you are signed into Facebook, and then click on on Account at the top right of any Facebook page. Then, from the dropdown menu, select Privacy Settings. Choose to Customize settings and scroll down to the section Things others share. Click Edit Settings next to Photos and videos you’re tagged in, and select Customize. You can then choose to make tagged photos visible to Only Me. If you just want specific people, or specific lists of people, to see tagged photos — which will also allow them to see your row of photos at the top of your Facebook profile — you can define this setting here as well.

Note that hiding the row of photos at the top of your Facebook profile will also hide all other tagged photos of yourself from your Facebook profile, but if your goal is to make your Facebook profile a little more professional, or you are just trying to clean it up, this may be a good part of the solution. Once you have changed your settings, don’t forget you can preview how your profile looks to any of your Facebook friends by visiting your Privacy Settings page and clicking Preview My Profile at the top right of the page.