Does Apple's iOS Set the Standard for Future Operating Systems?For the past few decades, the discussion of whether a PC or Mac is a better computer has dominated the geekosphere. The argument was always met with rather outrageous allegations from the Windows and OS X fanboys, with little regard for facts. Times have changed and now we are entering into a new era in which alternative operating systems are beginning to spring up all over. Apple started the craze when it introduced its highly popular iOS, which supports many of its electronic devices. iOS has shown to be a capable OS, using applications to add value to the Apple devices iOS supports.

Google has been working on its own OS for the past several years. In developing the Android OS, Google has demonstrated that it can effectively compete in the smart phone market and tablet marketplace. In addition, Google has its Chrome OS, which is, in essence, a browser that supports cloud computing. On June 15th, Google will launch its new OS on Samsung and Acer notebooks.

HP is in the process of introducing its webOS, which the company states it may also license to others. The original plan from HP had included a dual boot system along with Windows. It is unknown if HP will just go full blast using its webOS on just tablets, or if it may also use it as a standalone on desktop and laptop systems.

The one company that is missing anything new is Microsoft. Though the company has recently announced all of the wonderful improvements that Windows 8 will introduce, it is hard to believe that the company will be able to catch up to Apple, Google, or HP in the tablet and smart phone market place.

The benefit of having Apple, Google, HP, and Microsoft compete against each other is that we consumers will benefit. Our options will not be limited by Windows and we will be able to select other operating systems that appear to be very capable in meeting most of our needs.

I never thought I would say this, but the Apple iOS beats anything currently out there. Its fluid function and ease of use is amazing. Apple has set the bar high and everyone else who provides an alternative OS, including Microsoft, will need to meet this standard.

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