5 Reasons Why Microsoft Won't Be Building Its Own TabletThe latest rumor making the rounds on the Internet is that Microsoft is considering building its own tablet PC. Rumors have it that Microsoft has been in talks with some of the major hardware companies in Taiwan, though no one knows exactly what the discussions entail. However, I believe that Microsoft will not build its own tablet computer and here are five reasons why it won’t:

When Microsoft built its first Xbox, the company acknowledged there were hardware issues — mainly overheating — that it had to deal with. Microsoft extended the warranty repair period, which allegedly cost the company over $1 billion.

The Zune media player was a flop. This was Microsoft’s attempt at competing with the Apple iPod.

Microsoft’s Kin was another hardware failure that Microsoft would soon forget. The Kin was overpriced, lacked application support, and the timing of its release was poor. There were too many smart phones on the market that did much more than the Kin could do.

Microsoft is coming late to the party where Apple is the host with the most. Tablets are not about the operating system alone. Tablets consist of support by application developers and this is where Apple and Google already have a commanding lead.

Microsoft is not going to alienate its hardware partners. Microsoft makes its money from licensing fees, which is the bulk of its wealth. Building its own tablet and competing with its partners would be suicide.

The bantering of words between Microsoft and Apple is just that. Microsoft is the world leader when it comes to the desktop and laptop operating system market. Apple has a sizable lead in the tablet arena and its iOS is superb. Google and its Chrome OS is an unknown and we will have to wait to see how well this new OS is accepted by consumers or by businesses.

Though I do believe that Microsoft is facing stiff competition from Apple, Google, and now HP with its webOS, Microsoft is not foolish enough to compete against its valued partners.