A few months ago Facebook introduced a new feature to its photo gallery page. This theater mode caused the picture to pop out to a lightbox and blocks users from interacting with the photo. Facebook doesn’t have a way to disable this feature in settings and users have to put up with this new way of viewing photos. I’m sure if the 600 million users on Facebook complain enough there will be a way to disable this, but there isn’t a way as of yet.

I’ve found four ways to help you get rid of this nasty lightbox display that annoys so many people.

Method 1: Remove Code

When clicking on a picture, Facebook acts like it is going to the picture page with a link that looks like this:


If you notice at the end of the long link there is a directive that puts the picture into theater mode; by removing the &theater at the end of the link and pressing enter, you can bypass the theater mode and go straight to the old format.

This is the easiest way to bypass this, but it gets annoying when you have to do this for every photo you want to view.

Method 2: Refresh

This is another simple step that doesn’t require any complex steps but is a simple button press. By pressing F5, the photo will reload into the old viewing mode. But, if you have a slow Internet connection or limited bandwidth, this can chew into your Internet speed. This is by far the best result when trying to disable this mode.

Now these next two require you to have specific browsers and extensions installed, but all are checked to be safe.

Method 3: Firefox Add-on

Here is a permanent method that requires you to have the Firefox Web browser and an extension called Greasemonkey. To install the extension:

Navigate to the Add-ons menu of Firefox. In the search bar type in, Greasemonkey. Click Install; once it’s installed, restart your browser. Next, go to http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/96773 and click Install on this page to load the script. Once it is installed, you’re done! Start viewing at your pleasure!

Method 4: Google Extension

If you don’t like or have Firefox and use Google Chrome the above method works the same way, but without having to install Greasemonkey.

Like stated before, go to http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/96773 and click the big green install button. Once installed, restart your Chrome browser and start viewing your Facebook photos without the hassle.

All of these methods are suggestions to get around Google’s theater mode. Try all of these methods and see which ones work for you. Remember: leave us feedback and tell us your own method to get around it.