How to Turn Your Apple iPad into a Screaming, Blogging MachineThe Apple iPad tablet has taken the technology industry by storm as consumers flock to buy the pricey tablet which features a great hardware system. That alone would be noteworthy, but add incredible iOS software and you quickly understand why this tablet is the envy of the computer industry. However, as good as these components are, the on-board typing screen is only okay for placing an order online or for a simple note on Facebook — it is not meant for heavy typing duties. For those, one needs a full featured keyboard.

Having said that, one should be aware that there are many choices on the market — some as simple as a Bluetooth keyboard — but whatever you choose, you might want to look at a system that includes a clamshell to protect the unit. The typical clamshell provides the user with a combo keyboard and case that is manufactured with the intent of allowing the user to carry the iPad around.

In previous articles I have mentioned the ZAGGmate Aluminum iPad 1G case with bluetooth keyboard that I recently purchased and find to work quite well. However, if you have found reason to desire a different combo keyboard and case, the Rocketfish Clamshell also works well. You should note, though, that you should not expect the case produced by Rocketfish to match the finished look of the Apple iPad itself. A plus to this unit is that its keyboard is larger than most combos making it easier to use.

For those of you who have a blog with WordPress, Blogger, or LiveJournal, you will find that there are free applications available for you to download. These applications allow you to publish to your blog quickly or to post an update to it without having to log onto your site.

Another handy tool is from Dragon Naturally Speaking. DNS has an application in which you can just speak (no typing required) and your text will appear — including punctuation. One word of advice, however: you should know that DNS takes practice, practice, and more practice before it will properly recognize your voice correctly. Be patient and you will be speaking your text faster than you can type.

If you are using Disqus, you can manage the comments on your site using the Disqus Pro application for your Apple iPad. This program gives you the options to post a reply, approve, or even delete a comment of your choosing, thus providing you with the ability to keep the comments coming to your blog.

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