Embed .WAV Audio Files In PowerPointWhy in the heck would you want to jazz up your boring old PowerPoint presentation with a .WAV audio file? Isn’t it just going to be shown to a bunch of mid-morning, caffeine-deprived zombies (as most of us are) in a meeting designed to prod them into being more attentive to some counterproductive, company mandated policy or another? As soon as the lights are out and the gentle susurrus of the projector hums its soothing lullaby, half of your audience will already drooling on freshly pressed neckties and dreaming of long-over (or overdue) Caribbean vacations. Why would you disturb such tranquil slumber with imposing .WAV audio files in a PowerPoint presentation? Well, probably because you want to jar your congregation into a semblance of alacrity. After all, if you had to go through the trouble of making this damned thing, the least you should expect is that others will have to suffer through it. Misery, after all, loves the heck out of company; the more company there is, the merrier it shall be.

One of the challenges of using audio with a PowerPoint presentation is that the audio files and the .PPT file must be in the same folder. However, if your audio files are .WAV files, you can embed them into the PowerPoint presentation. The only disadvantage is that the embedded files increase the overall size of the PowerPoint presentation.

To embed a .WAV audio file into a PowerPoint presentation:

Within your PowerPoint file, click the Insert tab. Click Sounds and select Sound from file. Select the audio file you want to embed and click OK.

If the .WAV file is linked rather than embedded, you may need to increase the file size limit. Select the sound object and click Sounds from the ribbon. In the Sound Options, increase the value of the Max Sound File Size so it is larger than the .WAV file you are trying to embed.