Reader is a Happy Camper After Changing to FiOSLong time reader Don Naphen recently changed over to FiOS and I asked him to share his thoughts using his new system. Here is what he had to say.

Happy Sunday, Ron!

Well, it’s been exactly one week since I had FiOS installed, and I can’t say enough good things about it. The TV of course is excellent (as was DirecTV), but the biggest improvement has been with my broadband. Absolutely fantastic! With Comcast, I was getting around 10 Mbps download, and upload speeds were just a shade better than DLS. Now, after checking things out, I find my downloads are just a shade over 30 Mbps and uploads are hovering at 28 Mbps! Wow!

To be fair, I was using an older Check Point router made by ZoneAlarm, and that possibly was one reason for the slower stats. With Verizon, its cable modem and router are integrated in one unit with a solid built-in hardware firewall. The installation took just over four hours, as a fiber optics line had to be run from the pole to the house. My former Internet feed was from just outside my bedroom to the PC, so the tech used that as an access point. He then fed a line into the basement and found that the coax used by DirecTV was exactly the same as FiOS, so he just swapped over the new coax into the splitter! It saved a lot of work, as the feed into my living room was a custom job by my nephew who fed directly into the base of my fireplace (sealed off long time ago) to eliminate the ugly, dangling wires look. All in all I am one very happy camper. Oh, my nephew also ran a new dedicated electrical outlet (20 amps) to the breaker box and used a power strip that he hard wired to the hook up points. Very nice indeed!

I’m sure now that Comcast is looking at some serious competition, the price wars will begin. Collectively I was paying $150 for DirecTV/Comcast with no deals offered. Now I’m paying $94 a month and the TV package has more than I had with Comcast. Also, with all the stormy weather we’ve had, the dish had its share of “searching for satellite” prompts. That’s all history. The only pain is learning the new channel designations all over again!

Okay, I didn’t mean to fill your screen Ron, but thought I’d share some thoughts on a rainy Sunday morning here in the Greater Boston area. Time for another cup of coffee and to try and wake up. Take care and have a great day!


Thanks Don. When my subscription concludes with DirecTV, FiOS is an option I will investigate.