Do you credit your sources? When you’re a source, do you find that others are crediting you sufficiently? For bloggers who write about anything social media related, we find that tweets used as sources are commonly being quoted in posts with no efficient way of citation. Twitter’s method of embedding tweets replaces the need to take a screenshot of the tweet and fiddling to embed it within the post correctly.

A service from Twitter called Blackbird Pie easily allows a user to create and embed a tweet by entering a small piece of code. By entering a URL from the chosen message, Twitter allows you to customize the way a tweet is embedded in a post.

By entering a URL from the source tweet into the service and clicking “Bake It,” the Blackbird Pie service will generate an embed code needed to properly insert the tweet into the Web site. Twitter’s service will allow you to style the tweet to accommodate to your site; it will even pick up on the styling of your site to make it look natural in the site.

The service is intended primarily for media purposes and has gained much traction from blogs and news sites who report with sources from Twitter.

To shorten and embed a tweet:

Navigate to

Find the tweet that you want to embed and get the single tweet URL (e.g.,!/Craighton/status/81436433071611904).

Take that link and place it in the box on the Blackbird Pie page and click “Bake It.”

Take the embed code that is generated and place it into an HTML capable section of your site.

The tweet us now embedded on your site when you publish the post.

If you’re a WordPress user, there is an extension that you can install to use short codes and make this process easier.