4 New Ways to Celebrate Father's Day Using Social MediaFor those of us who have grown up and flown the coop, it’s harder to remember to stay in touch with our parents. Celebrating Father’s Day is still a strong tradition regardless of how far away you are and social media just makes it that much easier. Here are 4 New Ways to Celebrate Father’s day using social media.

Create a Facebook Account for Dad. While not everyone is on Facebook, 7 million people have joined the social network, meaning someone your Dad works with, grabs coffee with, commutes with, and went to school with is probably on Facebook. While he’s probably no longer inclined to spy on you (10 years ago, the story might have been different), Facebook is also a great way for your Dad (or even Grandfather) to see the latest photos from your networking events and get a sense of whatever it is you do these days. (Because you know trying to explain it just doesn’t work that well.) If you need a little inspiration, you can watch Chris Pirillo help his mom set up Facebook.

Send your Dad a Photogram. Somewhere on your iPhone lie hundreds of photos. Why not send your dad a customized, digital postcard via email that captures the essence of the baseball game you attended together last year? Photogram allows you to tell a story by adding up to four photos and then choosing from dozens of themes to add as a “background” to your photos. You can then share your Photogram via email to friends and family, or to Facebook or Twitter. It makes a great greeting card which can be forwarded to other family or printed to stick on the fridge.

Make Dad a video greeting. Almost everyone with a smartphone has a camera and the ability to make a video. While you might not be the next iJustine, you can easily make your own videos and share them with friends and family — like your Dad — using your phone and the Justin.tv app. Give your video a title and hit the record button. You can then visit your Justin.tv dashboard on the Web and share your Father’s Day greeting with Dad. Just be prepared to show him how he can set up his own channel too.

Skype, Tango, or FaceTime with Dad. Sure, you could just call your Dad and say hello, but how much more fun would it be to actually see him — especially if you haven’t in several months (or even years)? Give him the walkthrough of how to set up Skype (or ask your little sister or niece to set it up for him) and then give him a video call. Alternatively, take advantage of the front-facing camera on his new smartphone and try out Tango for face-to-face calling between devices running different platforms.

How has social media changed the way you celebrate holidays with family? Let us know your new traditions in the comments.