Are you like me and have more than one phone that you like using? Since Verizon doesn’t use SIM cards, switching what phone you are using with your number isn’t as easy as taking a SIM out of one phone and putting it in another. There are several ways to switch what phone you’re using, but only one free one: if you go into a Verizon store and ask the people there to do the swap for you, it will cost $25, but if you do it online it’s easy, free, and will save you a trip to your nearest store.
Here’s how to switch out your Verizon phone with another one for free on the Verizon Web site:
First, make sure you have the same contacts on your old and new phone and that any documents and files you need are moved over. If you’re going from an Android phone to another Android phone, Google does a pretty good job of having your contacts, email, and everything else synced to its cloud, so you shouldn’t need to worry too much.
How Do I Switch My Phone on Verizon?Next, find either the MEID, ESN, or IMEI number for the new phone that you’d like to switch to. This should be underneath the battery cover of your phone — perhaps even underneath the entire battery. If you are switching to an iPhone 4, you’ll have to connect the phone to a PC to get the ESN; it will be in the “About iPhone” section in iTunes.
Log in to your account on You need to be an account manager to do a phone upgrade, so if you are on a family plan, make sure your number is set as an account manager or your login as the main number on the account.
How Do I Switch My Phone on Verizon?On the main screen of your  My Verizon page, you should see a button that says Upgrade or Switch Device. Go ahead and click that button. Select the line that you want to upgrade, and then on the next page insert the ID number that you gathered in step 2.
After this, turn off the old phone and turn on the new phone, then dial *228 on the new phone for device activation. Once you get the automated menu, press 1 and your device will be activated. If for any reason the activation fails (it will say so on the phone), try restarting the phone and doing it one more time, or call (888) 294-6804 from a landline phone.
Once activation is complete on your new device, it will restart. After you boot up again, it’s a good idea to update your phone’s roaming capabilities to ensure the best signal, especially if you haven’t used it in a while. Dial *228 again, and this time pick option 2. Your phone will download some new information and then restart again, and after this you will be good to go.