There are ways you can manage how Twitter impacts your Gmail inbox by turning on or off notifications, and dozens of applications that enable you to Tweet using your email, from Gmail. Now, with the powerful Gmail plugin Rapporitive — which smartly manages the social contact information for the contacts you communicate with in Gmail — you can now tweet right from Gmail, without actually having to use email, or Twitter, or any other third-party platform — which is pretty genius.

Rapportive has always streamed in recent tweets from the contacts you are emailing with in Gmail as a plugin for Firefox, Safari, Mailplane, and Chrome, but until today, there has been no way to directly interact with these tweets themselves using Rapportive. On Rapportive’s blog, though, the people there realize that “to fully understand your contacts, you have to be where your contacts are. You have to chat where they chat, learn where they learn, and play where they play.” So, they decided, “If your contacts tweet, so should you.” As such, they are introducing a Twitter widget integration with the Rapportive plugin that will allow users to follow, reply, and retweet with Rapportive contacts, without ever having to leave Gmail. Rapportive allows you to retweet either natively or with comments. If you need a quick recap of the conversation, Rapportive can provide that for you, too.

Use Twitter in Your Gmail with RapportiveAnother great feature is for those of you who still receive email notifications about new followers, new mentions, or a DM on Twitter. Rapportive will instantly show your follower’s recent tweet in the Rapportive sidebar, allowing you to instantly follow back if necessary and reply to the message, right from Gmail.

Rapportive will be rolling out the new widget to current users, but if you just can’t wait — or don’t already have Rapportive — download it today at You can also read more about Rapportive at its blog, or check out Rapportive on Twitter at @Rapportive.