How Do You Navigate the Gift Card Jungle?How do you manage to use the gift card you got, for your birthday or Christmas, when you cannot find anything that you like or want? Do you look for something that you can give as a present to someone else, buy something you may not want, or toss the gift card into a drawer and forget about it? If these options sound like something you would do, why not trade your gift card for another or even turn it in for cash?

A company called Plastic Jungle has started up a business that deals exclusively in selling, buying, and trading gift cards from some of the major retailers in the US. These companies include such retailers as Best Buy, Target, Walmart, iTunes, Home Depot, Lowes, Cold Stone, Macaroni Grill, Old Navy, Barnes & Noble, Bass Pro Shop, and many others (the total is too many to list).

What I find interesting at this site is that you can buy gift cards, depending on the retailer, for a discount of between 5% and 20%. In navigating this site I even came across one of my favorite places to visit, Cold Stone Creamery. Here, a gift card valued at $250 was just $225, and I can tell you that that is a lot of yummy ice cream.

So how do you go about selling a gift card on this site? Well, that is determined by several factors. To test it, I selected to sell a $50 Best Buy gift card. To do so, I was able to choose from several options, and the amount I received varied on which option I chose. As an example, if I chose to receive an Amazon gift card, I would receive $44.63 for my $50 gift card, however, had I opted to receive payment through PayPal or for a cash payout, the amount dropped to $42.50.

This means that you are going to pay a premium for selling your gift card, but I believe it still is a fair price — especially if you are not planning to use the gift card. Then, too, if you take those funds and purchase a gift card from Plastic Jungle that you will use, you can save up to 20%, thus coming out close to the value of the gift card you are trading. Overall, Plastic Jungle is a great way to dispose of those gift cards you may never use.

One additional plus to this site is that, if you choose to mail in your gift card, it pays the postage for you.

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