There should be an image here!The age of unlimited wireless data is nearing its end. Verizon, one of the last remaining holdouts, will be abandoning unlimited data packages this summer for new contracts. Some internal information regarding the pricing of these new data packages has been released, and here’s what it’s going to look like:

Without Tethering

2 GB – $30

5 GB – $50

10 GB – $80

With Tethering

4 GB – $50

7 GB – $70

12 GB – $100

Overages are $10/GB no matter which plan you have, and there will be no distinction between a 3G and 4G devices with pricing; the plans are the same no matter which network your phone uses. These new tiered packages go into effect July 7.

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at these plans is the size of the tiers. You would think that there would be a tier below the $30 a month that everyone pays for unlimited data already, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Moving forward, you’re either paying exactly as much as you’re paying right now or a whole lot more. AT&T offers a small amount of data (250 MB) for $15 a month, so it’s surprising that Verizon isn’t going to offer something similar.

It’s likely that 90% of Verizon customers use less than 2 GB of bandwidth per month on average. I’m sure there are some who use a lot more, but for the average smartphone user, 2 GB is more than enough; even 1 GB would probably be sufficient. So why, exactly, are these tiers ignoring all of these people? The whole point of tiered pricing is to let you only pay for what you are using, but it seems that Verizon’s aim is to milk money out of the highest data users while making sure that everyone else is still paying exactly what they paid before. There’s no advantage to this situation even for the lightest of data users.

How much data are you using on a regular basis? Check your data usage at and let us know in the comments what your usage is and what you think about these new data plans. If you don’t like the sound of this and want an unlimited data plan, act fast: these go into effect July 7, but contracts signed before then will still be allowed unlimited data for the life of the contract.