How to Check if Your Email Was Hacked by LulzSecIn April, The PlayStation network was hacked, compromising the security of thousands of users. Among the user data compromised were email addresses of PlayStation Network subscribers, which opened up the potential for these email accounts to be further hacked. Over the course of the last few months, LulzSec has also breached dozens of databases, revealing not only email addresses but some associated passwords as well. While you could spend hours searching files accessible by BitTorrent looking for your email address, there is an easier solution to check if your email was hacked in this recent string of attacks.

One of the best ways to check if your email address was compromised, and therefore whether you should review your email account and change your password ASAP, is by checking your email at the Web site Most of the recent attacks against email addresses have been published, and this Web site checks your email address against all these databases. Just enter your email address, or more than one if you so desire, and the site will let you know if your email address exists in one of the databases published from a recent hack. notes that the email you enter will not be stored, transmitted, or otherwise used beyond the check by the creator of the site, or the Web site itself.

Another option is to use a similar search created by Gizmodo to check if your email was compromised during any hacks by LulzSec. Gizmodo has created a search that works in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox 4+ and checks if your email was included in the latest breach by LulzSec, which included user information from AOL and AT&T. It may take a few seconds, but Gizmodo’s search will let you know if your information has or has not been released to the public.

Has your information been compromised in any of the recent hacks? If so, let us know your story in the comments.