I’m a big fan of medical iOSĀ apps. I first experienced this family of apps earlier this year at CES, where I tested the iHealth, an inexpensive blood-pressure cuff that gives iPhone and iPad owners the ability monitor their health at home. The idea is not to replace real medical treatment and doctors, but to keep track of chronic conditions and receive alerts when something goes off track, so you can get expert help before it’s too late.

In that same line of thinking a new app called Skin Scan from Cronian Labs promises to use your iPhone to analyze your skin and monitor your moles to prevent skin cancer. Like all other medical apps, the app isn’t designed to replace professional medical advices, diagnosis, or treatment, but it can be helpful in identifying a potential problem. Either that, or turn you into a serious hypochondriac (as if just turning to Google for your symptoms wasn’t enough.

Skin Scan app for iPhone checks skin for cancerTo use Skin Scan, just download the app from the Apple iTunes App Store, which will cost you $4.99. That might seem pricey for an app, but compare that to the price of an expensive visit to a dermatologist — especially if you don’t have insurance. The app uses fractal analysis to determine any problematic situations on your skin, comparing the shape to the normal fractal-like shape of your skin. The app then analyzes what is normal, or could be cancerous melanoma. The app is also aiding research by mapping out where the app finds low risk, medium risk and high risk skin cells from across the world.

If you’re curious about potential cancerous moles on your skin, consider downloading Skin Scan. Like the app says: It’s better to lose ten minutes than to lose ten years — which really makes that $4.99 worth it. You can find Skin Scan in the App Store, and if you try it out, let us know what you think about Skin Scan in the comments.