Firefox 5 Still Plagued by Memory IssuesMy experience with the Firefox Browser began with its release of version 1 and, while even then a memory hog, I found it to be an excellent browser that loaded Web pages quickly. However, when version 4 became available, its memory issues caused me to change my default browser to Google’s Chrome browser, which seems to be able to better manage the memory issues that plague Firefox.

Last night I decided to give it another try and downloaded the latest browser from Mozilla, Firefox 5. After using it, I must admit that the team at Mozilla has done an excellent programming job with this latest version. One of the immediate things I noticed was that the GUI was easy to use and that even when opening multiple Web pages I was impressed with the speed and ease of this latest version of Firefox 5.

However, after about 10 minutes using the browser, I checked the memory usage using Process Explorer, a program that replaces the task manager, and found it disturbing that in just 10 minutes of use, Firefox was using a whopping 276 MB of memory. I cannot speak for, nor did I compare any other browser, to Firefox 5, but in my opinion, 276 MB of memory usage is excessive for any browser no matter who makes it. Sadly, that means, in my opinion, that Mozilla has not addressed one of the biggest complaints that users have had against Firefox regarding excessive memory usage. However, I must note that many of these users have stated that they don’t believe that it is the browser that is using this excessive memory but rather the add-ons that come with it. If this is in fact the case, however, one would think that the folks at Mozilla would test the add-ons and reject any that use an excessive amount of memory.

Since I believe that the people at Mozilla have a good product, I hope that they will address this issue because if they don’t, I believe that the company will continue its market share slide as consumers choose Google’s Chrome.

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