How to Get Your Credit Score for Free from Quizzle

Your credit score is the gatekeeper to securing many luxuries in life. Whether you want to buy a car, a home, rent a nice apartment, or even be eligible for certain jobs is dependent on your credit score, which is harder and harder to maintain these days. It’s no secret we’re in a recession, and many people still turn to credit cards and other forms of debt to just keep up with everyday expenses. If you want to check how your spending habits or debt load has impacted your credit score, you typically have to turn to one of the three credit bureaus to secure a credit report with your credit score. You are entitled to one free credit report a year, but this free report doesn’t provide your score. Instead, you can expect to pay around $20 for a credit report that includes your score — and that doesn’t include all three credit bureaus or additional monitoring, coaching, or advising.

get your credit score for free with quizzleBut there’s a new way to get your credit score —  for free. Quizzle is offering a service that generates your credit report and score for free, as well as provides advice on how to improve your score. Quizzle doesn’t ask for any credit card information, or your Social Security number, either. In fact, the only identifying information Quizzle asks for is your name, address, and date of birth. Quizzle asks for a few other things like whether you rent or own your own home and your income, but that’s to help you plan your budget after the report is generated. Quizzle will then set up your account, and you’ll then be asked to confirm your identity. This is the tricky part, because it seems unlikely that Quizzle could confirm many identities without any credit information or Social Security numbers. If Quizzle can’t confirm your identity, you’ll have to call Quizzle to speak to a customer service representative to confirm. Though this seems like a minor annoyance, keep in mind that the process is still a free way to get your credit score, and is likely a good way to save that $20 to get your credit score — which could save you even more if you’re thinking about buying or renting, well,  just about anything.

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