Google’s Voice Search Opens the Door to New Possibilities

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Google. All opinions are 100% mine.

Google’s Voice Search is a fun new way for Google Chrome users to search for just about anything using voice commands. You can search for the weather, how to cook eggs, how to make the best treehouse, or even search for flight information or a translation. The Google Voice Search feature works by simply clicking the microphone next to the text input box on (which only appears in Chrome at the moment) and speaking your search. A desktop app for Google Voice Search is also now available, which adds the microphone logo to the Google search bar. Searching by voice can be especially useful when searching a phrase containing words with difficult spelling. If you want more examples about how you can use Google Voice Search, watch Google’s video about the new feature below:

While voice search commands are interesting by themselves, developers are expanding on this technology with custom applications. At BreakfastNewYork, developers adapted Google Voice Search to create some awesome object based hacks. One of these objects, The Verbalizer, is an open source search tool built on Arduino and designed to work specifically with Google Voice Search for desktop. The Verbalizer board allows users to making something physical to interact with Google Voice Search. It connects to your computer through Bluetooth and when triggered opens a new tab in the Google Chrome browser to activate Voice Search. An on-board mic picks up your speech and sends it to Google, completing the search. Because The Verbalizer is built with Arduino it is easy to modify and expand to customize your own features.

If you want to try the Verbalizer and have a little more fun with Google Voice Search for desktop, you can sign up through the BreakfastNewYork Web site. You then need download the necessary software, documents, and schematics to get started on your project. For some inspiration on what you could do with The Verbalizer, watch the video below, which features a number of cool modifications others have made to the board.