One of the newer features on Facebook gives users the option to hide status updates from friends. Instead of unfriending someone on Facebook, you can now simply just hide all of their activity from your Wall. You can either choose to remove all posts from the user, just a particular post, or certain types of updates, such as applications they are spamming you with (ahem, FarmVille). If you don’t want to insult the other person — such as unfriending your sister or mom — hiding updates is a good way to keep them off of your Facebook radar. Should you change your mind, though, and decide it might be better to keep tabs on your little sister after all, you can easily unhide updates on Facebook.

unhide updates on facebookFirst, you’ll need to be logged into your Facebook account. You will also have to have previously hidden all updates from the Facebook friend, which you can do by hovering over a post from your friend on your Wall and clicking the X on the top right corner. From the dropdown menu, select Hide all from your friend. If you want to unhide updates, scroll to the top of your news feed and click on the Recent button, which will open a dropdown menu. At the bottom, click on Edit Options.

This will bring up options to Edit Your News Feed settings. Here, a list of people you are choosing to Hide Posts From: are displayed, along with a total count of how many people you are hiding posts from. To unhide your friend, find their name and click on the X to the right of their name. Click on the X to remove him from the list of Facebook friends you are hiding posts from, and then click save.

Keep in mind this won’t unhide previous posts from your friend on your Wall, so if you’re trying to do a little dirt digging, you’ll have to actually visit their profile for any previous updates.