Organize and Share Your to Do Lists with Thoughtboxes

We have a problem around the LockerGnome “offices,” and that’s too many ideas and not an efficient way to collaborate on their related tasks. Most of the LockerGnome staff actually works from their respective homes, meaning we need an especially good way to communicate and collaborate on both ideas and tasks. We have tried several task management systems, but none have solved this problem. Many fail to manage our own daily activities as well as the projects that need to be shared, yet with different permission levels — and we’re not alone, as many other businesses — blogs or otherwise — have the same problem.

A new project from Thoughtboxes may just be the solution businesses like us are looking for. Like other task management solutions, Thoughtboxes is not perfect — the biggest problem is that Thoughtboxes is just a Web app with no mobile solution to manage tasks while on the go. That aside, Thoughtboxes is beautifully designed to manage idea flow with a freemium model. The structure of Thoughtboxes is based around your “trains of thought.” Each train gets its own page that you can place your lists related to the train of thought. These lists are the thoughtboxes. The free version of Thoughtboxes only gives you three trains of thought, or pages, to start with, so if you’re working on several major projects, you may want to consider upgrading for $5 per month, which allows you unlimited pages. Upgrading also features additional functions, such as the ability to share each page, or train of thought, which others, which they can access from their own Thoughtboxes account.

Thoughtboxes is a new to-do list

Whether you pay for Thoughtboxes or not, the app is a breeze to use. Thoughtboxes features a dashboard where you can easily see the projects you’re currently working on, as well as any thoughts (which are items in a list) you have marked as important. You can create new pages (trains of thought), or thoughtboxes (or lists) right from the dashboard, as well as create them from a page. The widget-like function of Thoughtboxes, combined with the ability to color-code the actual thoughtboxes, especially helps organize ideas and projects into a visual workflow.

If other task management software has proven too expensive or too complicated with confusing permissions, Thoughtboxes may be a great alternative. Try it out at and let us know what you think in the comments!