There is never a good reason to type in all caps. Unfortunately, some people seem to have caps lock stuck on at all times, AND TYPE LIKE THIS, or they are still stuck in 1996 and intercap every other letter LiKe tHiS. (Which is annoying, I know.) If you have Windows, a quick combination of the keys Shift + F3 can help you transform this alternating text into lowercase when using Microsoft Office. If you have a Mac and are using Safari to convert text to lowercase in Safari, this can be especially useful in composing a blog entry, email, or other document on the Web.

In Mac OS X, Safari — like many other apps — has access to the Mac Services suite. This suite of services has many tools that can make working with selected text or images in Safari much easier, especially in this situation where the alternative to using the tools is manually editing each intercapped or capitalized letter. To start using these tools to convert text to lowercase, go to Apple, then choose Services and Preferences. From there, you can choose from several ways to change the options of your text, including translation options. The one you’ll want to choose here, however, is Make Lower Case.

To convert text to lowercase, select the text you want to edit in Safari, then control-click in the area of the text. Then choose Make Lower Case fromĀ Transformations in theĀ Preferences menu. All capitalized and intercapped letters will be converted to lowercase. For example, a sentence such as “THIS IS A SENTENCE IN ALL CAPS!” will be transformed to “this is a sentence in all caps!” Keep in mind that all punctuation will be retained and otherwise unaffected when using this tool on a Mac, which can also make it good for editing messy code.