Adding to other new features recently introduced, Google has announced another new way to search using Google. Now, when you are looking for a list of things using Google, the popular search engine will return a list of top references for your search. Previously, when you searched for something like “Greek Philosophers,” Google would return related items like Plato or Aristotle. Now, Google will still return related items, but will also include a list of top references to Greek Philosophers at the bottom of the first page of search results. Google notes in its announcement that “if you click one of these links, the collection of links moves to the top of the results page, and results for the philosopher you clicked are shown below.”

The idea behind Google now showing lists in search results is to help you start a series of searches, which can help when you’re doing research, exploring a new neighborhood, or trying to gather a list of foods. For example, you might have recently discovered a new food allergy, and by searching “Gluten Free Foods,” Google can help fast-track your search for these foods by providing a list of nine gluten-free foods right in the search results. Clicking on any of these provides search results for each food, and I can still keep my list of gluten-free foods generated by Google. Pretty helpful.

Search for a List Using GoogleThe search also works for movies and TV shows. For example, type in “Inception” and you’ll get a list of starring cast members. Google explains that this new feature is based on common search patterns and the Google Squared technology, which was introduced into Google Labs in 2009. For now, this new feature is only available in English and at

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