YouTube is great for discovering the latest viral videos and sharing them with friends via traditional social media channels. If you have your own Web site, you may also want to embed a YouTube video on the blog so your readers can easily discover your new favorite meme of the week, especially if it’s in context with some editorial analysis. Lucky for you, embedding a YouTube video on your blog or Web site is just as easy as sharing the video on Facebook or Twitter.

To add a YouTube video to your┬áblog, you’ll want to visit the YouTube video on Underneath the video you’ll see a button labeled Share. If you click this, a menu will drop down with the link to the video, which you can use for Facebook or Twitter. If you want to embed the video on your Web site or blog, you’ll want to click the Embed button underneath this link.

You’ll then see HTML code, along with options such as Show suggested videos when the video finishes and Use old embed code. Then, to actually add the YouTube video to your blog, just copy the code and paste it into the source of the blog post you want the video to appear in. You don’t want to paste the code into the “visual” side of the post you are drafting, or else the YouTube video you want to embed won’t display (and you’ll end up with a very messy blog post).

The code should also go wherever you want the video to display in your blog post, so if you want the YouTube video between two paragraphs, paste the code you copied there. Then, just be sure to click save and publish.