If you have a Comcast (or Xfinity, as it’s called now after Comcast rebranded in 2010) account, you can use the Comcast Customer Central to control your account preferences, request services, or pay your bills. Your Comcast account also functions as an email address, which you can use in addition to a service like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo — or in lieu of those services altogether. If your Comcast account or the account password have been compromised in any way, you may want to change your password. Here’s how.

change your comcast account passwordTo Change Your Xfinity / Comcast account password, you’ll first need to know the password to your account. Visit https://customer.comcast.com and click the white Sign In button in the middle of the screen. If you forgotten your password, click the Forgot Your Password link and walk through the prompts to reset your password. If you do know your password, however, enter your username and password on the next screen and click¬†Sign In. Once you are signed in, you will be directed to your Account Summary page. To change your password, click on the blue¬†Users & Settings tab at the top. Under Account Settings, in the middle of the page, click the link that says Change password/secret question.

You will then need to enter your current password and a new password. Then, confirm the new password and change your secret question, too, if you so desire. You’ll want to make sure your new password is strong enough to prevent someone from hacking into your account. A combination of letters, numbers, and special characters help create a good password — but so does creating a password you can actually remember. Once you have created a password that fits this bill, then hit submit. You will then have successfully changed your Xfinity / Comcast account password.