If you’d like to post a YouTube video that can only be seen by a select few and not the whole world, here’s a way to do just that.

YouTube doesn’t technically have a way to make a video completely private, but you can get the job done by keeping the video unlisted. This means that your video won’t appear in any searches or your YouTube channel. Only people who have the direct link to the video will be able to access it.

Keeping your video unlisted is the best way to keep it private without totally locking it down. The other method of making a video private is by setting it to what YouTube considers private, which may not be what you would consider private — the limitation to this will only allow 50 people to view the video and you will have to know the users’ email addresses or YouTube usernames to allow them to view your video.

This isn’t the best option as mentioned before because having to go into the video’s settings and checking each and every user who you want to view the video can be a hassle. By making it unlisted, you have the privacy of not showing it to the rest of YouTube, but the publicity of letting your viewers click on a link to view the video. If all else fails, and you really feel the need, go ahead and make it private.

To make your YouTube video unlisted or private:

Log in to the account where you have posted the chosen video.

Go to My Videos and click the Edit button under the video you want to make private.

In the left-hand column, scroll down until you see Privacy.

Click on the radio button next to your chosen selection.

More information and instructions can be found next to each choice.

To finish, go up to the top and click Save Changes.

Now you’re done and ready to share your video with your chosen audience. At any time you can go to the steps above again and change your sharing setting.