Five Free Tools for Your Windows Repair ToolkitRepairs on personal computers require service providers to know the value of software tools and how these tools can help us to diagnosis problems. We are also keenly aware that there are a variety of free tools that we can use that rival their paid counterparts. Here are five tools that I have in my toolkit to assist in diagnosing and repairing computer issues.

BatteryInfoView v1.00: A handy tool to determine the capacity of the battery on your laptop. By using this tool you can determine just how much charge capacity is left in the battery and if it needs to re replaced or not.

System Information for Windows: This is another free tool that provides a wealth of hardware and software information on your PC. I have been using this freebie for over five years and it is not only reliable, but also accurate in determining the name, model, and other information in reference to the hardware or software that is on any PC.

System Explorer: This is a replacement for another popular tool (Microsoft’s Process Explorer) that I had used for years. The advantage of System Explorer is that it provides more information than Process Explorer such as information on drivers, open files, connections, Internet Explorer add-ons, plus more.

HDDScan: This can determine the health of any hard disk, USB, or SSD drives. This program tests for errors on the disk, bad blocks, bad sectors, and also shows degradation of the hard disk. The primary purpose of the software is to prevent data loss once a drive is determined to be unreliable.

SG Speed Test: This is a free service to test the upload speed and download speeds from 19 different servers from around the world. What I like about this service is that it provides results quickly and accurately from a variety of locations. This makes it an easy way to determine Internet connection speeds and works on any computer or device helping to isolate potential problems with an Internet connection whether dialup, DSL or cable broadband.

All of these tools are free and are an excellent way to test any PC that is experiencing issues, whether the issues are hardware or software related.

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