Everyone can’t wait to try out Google+ – even my friends are (hopefully joking) that they’re cancelling all their plans to try out Google’s new social network. Does this mean Facebook users are jumping ship in droves for Google+? If so, and if you’re one of them, you’ll need a way to bring your data, including your photos, with you. Luckily, there are a number of easy ways to transfer your Facebook pictures over to Google’s Picasa (soon to be Google Photos) so your friends can easily find these pictures on Google+. Here are two of your options to help move your photos from Facebook to Google+:


One option for moving your Facebook photos to Picasa (Google Photos) so your friends, family, and colleagues and can see them on Google+ is with the app Move2Picasa. The app is simple to use: just log in to the app with Facebook and allow the app to access your basic information, and, of course, your photos. All of your Facebook photos will then be migrated over to Picasa. The only caveat is Move2Picasa got some heavy press over at TechCrunch recently, and the app is having a bit of trouble handling the demand for migration.

move photos from facebook to googleFotolink

If you can’t wait to move your photos from Facebook to Google’s Picasa, another app called Fotolink can do the trick for you right here and right now — even with a few more features. Like Move2Picasa, you just allow Fotolink to access your basic information, including your photos. Then, connect your Picasa account by clicking on the Photo Accounts tab and allowing Picasa to connect with the app. You will then see your Picasa albums underĀ My Online Accounts on the left side of the app. To copy existing photos from Facebook to Picasa, which are shared under Photos on Google Plus, just copy all the photos under each album and then paste them into your album of choice under your Picasa tab. What’s great about Fotolink in comparison to Move2Picasa is you can pick and choose not only which albums to transfer to Google, but which photos. You even have the luxury to mix and match entirely new albums in Picasa. An added bonus? You can even steal pictures from your friends’ albums to migrate to Google with Fotolink.

Have you found another way to move your photos from Facebook to Google’s Picasa? Let us know in the comments!