Managing time can be tough. Once you’ve nailed down your style of a to-do list, you’re then burdened with the task of actually accomplishing work for the day. Many people work by the minute, billing clients in increments of as little as six minutes. This is the bane of the existence of attorneys everywhere, who must bill clients a certain amount of hours to keep their jobs (especially those straight out of law school.) For those who freelance, the story is not much different. Toggl makes tracking this time much easier.

Toggl is a Web-based app with a smartphone component that makes billing time painless. Instead of scribbling down an estimated amount of hours — or increments of hours — on a nearby notepad, you can use Toggl as a timer in the background while you do your work in another tab or window. To start, you just need to sign up with your email address and a password. When you’re ready to start tracking time for a task, just type in the task name. If you want, you can choose what project you are working on, too. A free Toggl account features the ability to assign projects to clients under Settings, which is ideal for those attorneys and freelance contractors who work with several clients. Toggl also features the ability to add team members to your account – if you stick with the free plan, you can have up to five users (but you only have access to basic features).

Toggl really shines, however, when you upgrade to a pro account. For a single user, the cost is only $5 per month. You can then set billing rates, create tasks for more hierarchy, create a bigger team, and utilize Toggl’s integration with services like FreshBooks, QuickBooks and Base Camp. Although services like FreshBooks already have a start/stop feature, the ability to manage time on projects in one place that can be accessed by you or your team via several other services is ideal.

Try out Toggl today at and let us know what you think about it in the comments.