Will Buying Non-OEM Print Cartridges Damage Your Printer?In January of this year, I bought a new Canon PIXMA MG5220, all-in-one printer, for $89 from the Amazon Web site. After ordering the printer, I also ordered a complete set of 5 non-OEM (original equipment manufacturer) print cartridges for the new printer since the Canon PIXMA MG5220 uses a total of five color and black cartridges for printing. I chose the non-OEM cartridges because of the significant cost difference I found on Amazon.

The cost for the official OEM cartridges for the Canon PIXMA MG5220 was about $42, whereas the same five non-OEM cartridges cost about $18 and included an additional two black replacement cartridges when bought with the other cartridges. This met my needs perfectly since I don’t use the color ink, in the same quantity, as I do the black for my printing needs.

When I finally had to replace the original ink cartridges that came with the Canon PIXMA MG5220, I must admit I had some trepidations on how well these cheaper non-OEM cartridges would perform. I soon put my concerns aside, however, and inserted both the color and black non-OEM ink cartridges into my printer. Since then I have been perfectly satisfied with my printer’s results During this entire period the non-OEM ink cartridges have printed everything exactly the same way as the OEM cartridges, and I have experienced no leaks or spills.

Then in March, my HP laser printer needed a replacement cartridge and I found out that Cartridge World could refill it for $37.50. I chose this option because a new OEM cartridge from HP was $66 — a savings of $28.50 — and I just could not justify how these cartridges could contain $28.50 extra worth of toner and plastic. Thus far the cartridges work just fine and the print quality is the same as when I used an OEM cartridge from HP. Given that, I believe that non-OEM cartridges and refilled cartridges are a great value and I highly recommend purchasing either from a reputable company.