There are reports that Mac OS X Lion will be released in the coming days and here is all you need to know about creating a boot disk to install Lion from a physical media source.

When released, Lion will only be available for download and install from Apple; no physical disks will be offered for purchase. But, if you’re like me and want to keep a disk, there’s a straightforward method that will work when you download Lion. For anyone who knows their way around Finder, it’s a very simple method; all you need is a DVD to burn to and you’re good to go.

As pointed out by an email from Steve Jobs, the only way to do a complete install involves installing Snow Leopard, then installing Lion on top of that. This method is just a pain in the neck and can frustrate many users. By creating your own Lion install disk, you can take all the pain away from clean installing your Mac computers.

If you’re like me, another reason to have a physical source of Lion is having poor Internet connectivity or none at all. Apple suggests that Mac owners come into an Apple Store and download it on the store’s Internet connection; this can be useful for some but it depends on how far an Apple Store is away from your location. By making it easy to download and burn a Lion disk once, you won’t risk going over your data cap to upgrade your computers.

Once Lion is released, purchase and download it from the Mac App Store.

Once it is downloaded, locate the Lion installer and right-click on it, selecting Show Package Contents.

Navigate inside the “Contents” folder, go inside Shared Support and, inside, locate the installer: InstallESD.dmg.

Copy InstallESD.dmg to the desktop.

Now, go to Disk Utility.

Click on the Burn button on the top menu.

Navigate to the Desktop in the selector and select InstallESD.dmg.

Now insert a blank 4.7 GB DVD and wait for the disk to burn.

You’re done! You now have a Lion install DVD ready to go and install on all of your Macs.

You’re now ready to install Lion on all of your computers to save on bandwidth and downloading time. The DVD will work just as if you purchased it from Apple. Enjoy, and have fun with your Lion upgraded Mac!