How to Transfer LastPass to 1PasswordIt’s always a good idea to use unique, strong passwords for all of your online accounts. Managing dozens of logins with passwords that are hard to remember can be difficult, but there are several applications that can securely store these passwords and other login information securely. LastPass is one option, but if you are considering a switch to 1Password for its superior UI and reduced security risks, you will want to import your data from LastPass and import it to 1Password.

To export your LastPass login data, log in to LastPass at Then, choose Export under Actions. You’ll need to enter your username and password, and then LastPass will load your login data. You will then need to copy this information over to a text editor or into a spreadsheet where you can save the file as a .csv. Once you have copied all the data, save your new file as pads.csv to your desktop.

To then import your LastPass login data to 1Password, open 1Password and click File, then Import. Choose the Import Format as CSV and then click Continue. Then, choose the CSV you just created and saved to your desktop and click Start Import. On the next screen, choose the delimiter character that separates each field of data. This is essential to define the fields of your data to import into 1Password properly. When you have defined the delimiter character correctly, you can then define each column of data from dropdown menus at the top of each column by titles such as URLUsername, or Password. You can leave columns blank if they are irrelevant or missing data. Then, click Continue to review your data and click Import.

If you have followed all these steps properly, all of your login data from LastPass will now be available in 1Password under both logins and under an Imported folder. Be sure you then delete the .CSV file from your computer. If you have a Mac, you will want to use the Secure Empty Trash option to ensure no one has access to your list of login information.