Shrink Your Word 2010 DocumentSome people subscribe to the philosophy that bigger is always better (and not all of them are from Texas). On the other side of the coin, there are those who say that less is more. To the former group, too much is never enough. To the latter group, be succinct and cut to the chase! If you have a document that’s slightly longer than one page, Microsoft Word 2010 has a handy dandy feature that lets you shrink the document to one page. When can such a thing come in handy? Well, if you’re printing it out, for one, you may want to save money on expensive ink and paper (or just conserve resources if you want to feel the warm fuzzies of doing your part to save the environment). Why print four pages that are partially covered in text when you can simplify them down to one easy to read, easy to carry, and easy to store sheet of paper?

If you’re familiar with older versions of Word, you’ve likely seen the Shrink one page command. Looking for the Shrink one page command in Word 2010? You might think a feature that many found handy in those previous versions of Microsoft Word would be giant, bold, and beautiful in an easy to access location. And if you’ve finally adjusted to the much resisted Ribbon, you’d probably be wise to look there for it. Unfortunately, it’s not on the Ribbon, so you have to manually add it.

Within Word, click the File tab.

Click Options and click Customize Ribbon.

In Choose commands from list, click All commands.

From the lengthy list of commands, click Shrink one page.

Under Customize the Ribbon, click the group to which you want to add the command.

Click Add.

Click OK.

Now the Shrink one page command is available on the Ribbon and you can use it to shrink your document. There you have it, in a nutshell: how to shrink a Word document.