Writing books isn’t just for the famous anymore; with digital trends and the Internet, writing an eBook and marketing it on Amazon has gotten so easy that anyone can do it. Long ago Amazon bought out a self publishing company called CreateSpace that specializes in on-demand publishing of written materials. Print on-demand is the fastest, most efficient, and most profitable way of getting your written works to the public for consumption.

Of course your first step is to create the written material — you can’t just have a book with no writing in it, right? Anyways, creating the book is going to be the hardest part but anyone who can write can do it. Remember to have it checked by a professional editor to work out questionable content or clean up things that may be not so clear.

Once you create the written material, you’ve succeeded in managing the hardest part of the whole process. Next up is to create your CreateSpace account; the fast and easy setup will guide you through some simple steps in creating a book including book title, description, and credit page. You’ll also be choosing your book options, which include book size and paper options. Once these are out of the way, it’s time to upload your book to the service to compile everything it needs.

How to Self Publish a Book on Amazon

If you haven’t created a book cover or you don’t know how to, CreateSpace offers solutions for creating covers, including an in-house cover creator tool; likewise, you can also upload your own cover.

Last, your book’s ISBN number is chosen. There are two options for this: a free assigned ISBN number, which is fine for most people, but if you plan on re-publishing the book in the future with a traditional publisher, it will cost you $99 to create your own ISBN number.

Now that all the details are submitted, there is one last thing before it can go into publishing: review. The last step is to submit your book for review to CreateSpace and the editors there will look over all the files and check for issues before it can go into printing. If the review team finds anything wrong or if something doesn’t fit, it will email you with change notes and you’ll have a chance to resubmit to fix all of the noted issues. The review process is pretty fast with a turnaround time of about 24 hours.

After your book is approved, you can order a proof copy to take a look at the book before it goes into mass printing and being put out for sale. CreateSpace recommends for first-time authors to order multiple proofs and distribute a couple to friends to read it over one last time.

Once you approve your book, distribution information can be entered to pick the locations of sale of your book. Keep in mind that CreateSpace does not offer a hardcover option, so you’re out of luck. After finalizing the price, you have multiple options to distribute your book. The common options are to make it available in the CreateSpace eStore and Amazon, which gets the most traffic. For those who may have a little more success, there is an upgrade of $39 to make it available at thousand of retailers.

Once your book is on Amazon, you can make additional tweaks to information and even upload a Kindle copy to sell directly through Amazon. In this world of social media, you can market your book at virtually no cost to you. Remember to check up on your book from time to time and read reviews to get your satisfaction.

It’s amazing what we can do online that we couldn’t do before.