There are dozens of RSS Readers available for Mac users who consume their news and read blogs via RSS. Some of these, like NetNewsWire, are free, and while NetNewsWire does a decent job of organizing feeds, the platform features ads since the app is a free download. One thing that is essential for RSS readers is the ability to integrate with Google Reader to easily sync current feeds. NetNewsWire features this, but many other RSS readers do not. NewsRack for Mac OS is exceptionally well organized and easily integrates with Google Reader, making it one of the best RSS readers for Macs.

NewsRack, available to download from the Mac App Store for $7.99, automatically asks if you would like to sync your Google Reader account when you first launch the application after download. All of your feeds are then pulled in to NewsRack and organized identically into the left sidebar of NewsRack, as they are in Google Reader. The middle column of NewsRack features the latest headlines from the feed selected, along with the first sentence or two from the blog post. The right column, which is wider than the others, features the actual blog post itself. This design is ideal so you can not only focus on see where the content of an individual article fits into the context of the most recent posts.

NewsRack is the best RSS Reader for Mac

Additionally, NewsRack features the ability to add multiple tabs to pin a few selected to the navigation of NewsRack. For example, if you want to keep checking the feed for TechCrunch and Mashable updates, you can add those as tabs in addition to your main browsing tab instead of searching for those specific feed in the sidebar each time you want to check for the latest posts.

NewsRack is well designed and incredibly easy to use. It also loads quickly without any lag while it populates all of your feeds — a lesson from which more comprehensive readers could learn. Try out NewsRack from the Mac App Store and let us know what you think in the comments.