According to a recent report in Mashable, Spotify now has over 70,000 paid users in the US since its launch in the US last week. If you are one of these users, you know one of the best features about Spotify is the ability to make, find, and share playlists with other Spotify users. Unfortunately, outside of Facebook friends you have connected with on Spotify, it is difficult to find new playlists unless you know another Spotify user’s name.

A new startup called ShareMyPlaylists has realized that users love making, sharing, and finding playlists on Spotify and is capitalizing on a need to be able to find and share these playlists. With ShareMyPlaylists, which just secured £250,000 in angel funding from angel investor Mark Pearson, chairman of Markco Media Ltd. / MyVoucherCodes, Spotify users can browse and search for over 47,537 Spotify playlists and check out the track listings right from the Web-based interface. If a Spotify user likes what they see, they can click on Play and Spotify will launch that playlist, allowing you to play the tracks or subscribe to the playlist.

find and share spotify playlists

This ability to find new playlists extends the discovery of new music beyond the discovery of the specific playlists, as you can then check out the playlist author’s Spotify profile to discover even more music, browsing what they like and listen to. This is also where the social nature of Spotify really shines, as when you visit the profile of a Spotify user you aren’t friends with, you are prompted to add the other user to your People list. Why Spotify doesn’t have playlist discovery baked in is surprising, but considering these other social functions are already available, I wouldn’t be shocked if services like ShareMyPlaylists become more officially integrated in the future.

What are your tips and tricks for discovering new music on Spotify? Let us know in the comments.