7plus For Windows 7We all know that there just aren’t usually enough hours in the day to get the constructive things done that we’d like to cross off of our to-do lists before heading off to enjoy the leisure activities of our choosing or — most blessed leisure activity of all — sleep. It’s a sad fact of life that labor saving devices designed to give us back this precious time often operate counter to this goal and cause us to take on more work. Don’t have to churn your own butter? Excellent! Then surely you’ll have more time to compile this very important report and have it for the boss by tomorrow morning. No longer need to hang out by the river to scrub clothes clean because one of those new-fangled washing machines will do it for you now? Perfect! Surely you can put stamps on these 1,000 letters begging for fundraising at the nonprofit where you volunteer and have them out by this afternoon! Did Laura Ingalls and her family have to worry about this kind of nonsense in their little house on the prairie?

If you like trying new things that might actually make your constructive time more so, take a look at 7plus for Windows 7. 7plus is a project that adds additional features and functionality to Windows 7 in an attempt to help you be more productive. For example, it lets you upload files to an FTP server from within Windows Explorer using a single hotkey. I know may people who would find this feature alone to be very useful.

There is a lengthy list of features included with 7plus. Here is a quick highlight of some of the features you can expect to see:

  • Upload content to an FTP server within Windows Explorer using one hotkey
  • Create new folders and text files by pressing F8/F7
  • Paste text or image from the clipboard as file
  • Set Windows to always be on top by right clicking the title bar
  • Add tabs for Windows Explorer
  • Show free space and selected file size in the status bar

Download 7plus here and see a complete list of features included with 7plus.